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Dungeon Diorama - Large Room Part 3

Robert   0 Comments January 05, 2018


Welcome back to the Miniature Dungeon Diorama Project – Large Room part 3. We are moving right along. Next I'm going to work on finishing installing the large pillars and adding details to them along with adding details to the walls. 

Step 7 – Installing the pillars and gluing them down permanently…

After dry fitting all the pillars and making sure everything looks good to me, I then moved forward with prepping them to be glued in place. 


I decided to pin the large pillar on the outside to give it a little more strength and to make sure it didn't move until the glue had time to setup. For the pin I used a styrene dowel. I drilled a small hole in the bottom of the pillar and floor and glued everything together. 


Step 8 – Adding details to the pillars…

After all the pillars were glued in place I then started adding little details to each pillar. I added chains and hooks to each one along with some other little accents to give the pillars definition and depth. The chains I picked up at a local craft store, they are used for making jewelry. 


Below you can see an up close shot of the chains hanging from the outside pillar. The chains are held in place using a small piece from a styrene dowel. 


Step 9 – Adding details to the walls…

The inside of the walls were looking a little dull and boring, so I added two different size strips of balsa wood. 


Things are looking good. Stay tuned for part-4 of the Miniature Dungeon Diorama Project: Large Room.


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