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Painted Sarcophagus & Mummy

Robert   0 Comments December 17, 2021


This gives you an idea on how to paint the Sarcophagus & Mummy. This is just what we did, of course you can paint them up any way you choose.

This is how we painted the mummy...

  • We used a paint + primer coat of white.
  • Then we added a dry brush of a really light brown color.
  • Next, we did a light brown wash, and that's it!

This is how we painted the sarcophagus...

  • We used a paint + primer coat of grey.
  • Then we painted the inside of the cushions a dark red. 
  • Then we painted the lid, and base of the tomb a copper color. 
  • We were going for a patina look, so we mixed up a little green and blue and strategically dabbed it all over the lid and the base until we were happy with the look. 
  • Next, we gave everything a brown wash. 

Happy painting!


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